Soca Rafting and Canyoning: What’s so Great About Them?

Soca rafting (Bovec) and canyoning Soca are both sports that are quite popular. But what is so great about them? Why does almost everyone like Soca rafting (Bovec) and canyoning Soca? There are many very convincing reasons.

The Thrill

First of all, these two water activities are extremely thrilling. Both Soca rafting (Bovec) and canyoning Soca get your heart pumping and your blood going. Your adrenaline levels are quickly trough the roof. They are immensely entertaining, but simultaneously a little bit scary as well. It is the best possible combination, mixing a tiny speck of fear into an adventure. In short, they make you feel very alive.


Everyone knows that exercise is good, if not essential, for your health. You have to be physically active in order to keep yourself agile, youthful and strong. What better way to get your exercise than from activities like rafting and canyoning? They are those kinds of sports that make you forget that you are actually physically active due to the raised levels of adrenaline and the excitement. Afterwards, you are so tired you can go straight to bed, but during the act itself, you are not aware of the work you are doing. A very nice type of exercise for those who like to forget they are actually doing exercise.


Where else are you going to meet new friends? In a noisy bar? In a quiet library? Surely canyoning and rafting are more sufficient ways of expanding your social circle. Chances are, if you meet new people doing something you like, you will have more in common with them. You already have one thing in common before you get to know them: your love for extreme sports. Who knows what else is there.