The thrilling adventures on the Soca river

It’s not easy to get your heart really pumping these days. We don’t encounter wild predators and we don’t really have to fight for our comforts. There are some thrilling moments here and there, sure, but the best way to go about it is to seek them out if you’re into chasing the adrenaline rush. For this, some places are simply better than others – one of the top suggestions should surely be the Soca river in Slovenia.

There are many thrilling adventures to be had on the Soca river, especially if you settle into the town of Bovec. White water rafting is among the most popular choices, but far from the only one. Rafting is safe and beginner friendly, can be done in group, and allows for a great variety of experiences by picking the best entry point. In Bovec, white water rafting is always on offer – the river is very close to the town and the most attractive rapids are not far away! While there are many other options to choose from in Bovec, white water rafting will definitely be the activity of choice for the thrill-seeking adventurers. Navigating down the rapids in an inflated boat will get your hart pumping!

Or maybe think about other options, another recommendation is canyoning. Soca has several tributaries that have impressive canyons. Maybe you don’t think exploring the canyon should be too thrilling, but you will change your mind when canyoning Soca tributaries’ canyons. There are many natural obstacles, even sheer drops with waterfalls and walls that require climbing. There’s jumping, sliding, crawling, swimming, diving … Everything to get you out of your comfort zone and enjoy the type 2 fun. There are not many experiences that are as rewarding as canyoning, Soca river adds to that with a perfect ambient to top it off!