The attractions of the Soca river

The Soca river attracts a whole lot of visitors throughout the year. The river itself definitely has the attributes that justify the visit, but there are also other attractions that will convince the visitors from all over the world. A wide selection of outdoor activities presents the strongest case!

One of the most popular attractions is definitely Soca rafting. Bovec is generally the best starting point for such experience, as it offers ideal entry points for rafting and also many professionally guided tours. For Soca rafting, Bovec is definitely the best option to start looking for experienced guides and complete programmes. There are other towns along the riverbanks, but they generally don’t match the abundance and convenience of the offer in Bovec. That’s why this town is also more popular among the visitors, not only those seeking Soca rafting – Bovec has a wide variety of options and might be the best starting point for all kinds of tourists.

Another rising attraction is on Soca river kanyoning. It’s one of the most attractive activities, while still remaining relatively scarce in the offers of tourist agencies. Nowadays, Soca river kanyoning can be easily found in Bovec and Kobarid, but you might want to take some time and study the offer well before making the final decision. There are many different canyons along the whole valley, offering different experiences and challenges. Two courses can differ greatly and offer a wholly incomparable experience. While Soca river kanyoning is always thrilling and challenging, everyone must choose the course that will fit the specific interests and fitness level. Some courses are real adventures that will take seven or eight hours, so they are not suitable for everyone, but there are also many shorter and easier tours to choose from.