Convenient adrenaline activities in Bovec

Bovec is a well know center of all kinds of tourist activities in the Soca valley. The most popular are the adrenaline activities that attract many domestic and foreign visitors each year, especially during the summer. The main attractions are connected with the beautiful Soca river, but there’s definitely more to the popularity of this place than just the natural beauty. One of the more convincing features is the ease with which you can find professionally guided programs for all kinds of activities. 

Soca river rafting is the best example, as it is on offer at every tourist agency in the town. It offers a very attractive option of exploring the river, while ensuring fun and excitement for the whole group. Soca river rafting is well planned according to the group that chooses this activity. It can be families, co-workers, classmates, or any other group. Soca river rafting is always perfect for them, as the programs can be tailored to suit their wishes. Professionally guided tours begin at the agency and includes everything you’ll need!

The same is true for canyoning. Bovec is suitably located to offer different canyons to explore. For canyoning, Bovec is a convenient starting point especially because the all-inclusive offers of the local tourist agencies. The programs begin at the meeting point in town, include transport and equipment rental, then the guide will lead you on a short hike to the starting point in the canyon. Next, the proper canyoning takes place, which will last a couple of hours, depending on your choice. For canyoning Bovec offers a wide variety of options. Some only last two hours, other are much longer. In any case, the transport will be waiting for you to take you conveniently back to Bovec.